Mark Ledgerwood

Mark Ledgerwood


Florida - Daytona Beach

Growing up on the "space coast" during the height of the space program, I got to see many, many shuttle launches. The door to the porch would start to rattle like hell, and that's how I'd know it was time to go outside to watch. The entire galaxy felt accessible from my back yard. I devoured all forms of sci-fi, went to space camp, and was generally obsessed with space. I still kind of am. And while I don't live in Florida anymore, this particular intersection of sea and stars will always be home to me.

Though Mark gives off "lame/cool dad" energy like it's his full-time job, he's actually a graphic designer for CollegeHumor/DROPOUT. He does freelance design and illustration when he has time but...idk, he does a lot of things. He's a busy boy.
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  • Dimensions
    18" x 24"
  • Paper type
    12 mil, Bright White, Matte Finish
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