Chase Wood

Chase Wood


Inner Psyche (Also Hollister, CA)

When I think of home I initially think of the house I grew up in and my rather small family, whom I enjoy visiting. They live fairly far from me nowadays, so it's difficult to physically see them. But I ask myself: Is "home" a physical place or more of a feeling? In my illustration, I depict a person in a void looking upon a mirror of sorts, but seeing a warm, inviting scene of their family. For me, home is that light comfy feeling you get when you think of family and how they can't wait to see you next.

Chase was born in Hollister and now lives and works in Southern California. He's worked as graphic designer and illustrator for a few different industries, including fashion and entertainment. He now works as an Art Director for Taco Bell Design in Irvine, California. Chase immersed himself in differing industries of design, which has helped him amass a strong understanding of art and appreciation for thought-provoking design and illustration. He mostly enjoys taking one small bit of subject matter and letting his pen do the rest, getting lost in detail.
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  • Dimensions
    18" x 24"
  • Paper type
    12 mil, Bright White, Matte Finish
how it works
Profits from every print are spilt between the artist and Acres of Love.