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Ben Biondo

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Like a houseplant I am need of sunlight, water, a nice place to sit and honest love from another. Home is the place that provides this. A place set up shop with your lover (someone who cares for you like the owner of a thriving house plant).

Ben Biondo is an artist based in Southern California. With an emphasis on branding — he works across mediums creating visuals for products and people. He also co-runs a book publisher (New Archive) that works with artists to create limited edition, production-centric, fine art publications. Surfing, ping pong and leisure centric activities are also of his intrigue.
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  • Dimensions
    12"x 16", 18" x 24"
  • Paper type
    12 mil, Bright White, Matte Finish
how it works
Profits from every print are spilt between the artist and Acres of Love.