Why Acres of Love?

There is no shortage of organizations working hard to provide for orphaned children, and we respect the hard work they do. We were drawn to Acres of Love because of their mission: to rescue orphans and create families. (You can take a deep dive to learn more about their powerful work.)
We’ve also traveled to South Africa to see their operations firsthand. Inspired by their passion, enthusiasm and quality of operations, we’re proud to support this initiative to help more children.

How do I submit my art?

Thanks for your interest in contributing! Unfortunately, we are no longer adding posters to this project.

How did you select artists?

Our initial contributors came from friends, family, and folks we’ve worked with over the years at Column Five. (And sometimes their friends and family.)
Our goal was to increase the number of places represented, and to showcase as many talented artists as possible while maintaining a level of quality we can always be proud of.

When will you release more posters ?

Unfortunately we will not be releasing anymore posters. After a year of adding amazing submissions, we found that the work to upkeep the project was not resulting in a significant amount of donations to Acres of Love. Rather than keeping this as an ongoing project, we have chosen to stop adding posters, but keep it live and shoppable in the hopes that we can continue the donations to go to Acres of Love.

How can I get in contact?

You can reach us at hi@whenyouthinkofhome.com.